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Thank you for your inquiry about becoming a Wholesale Channel Partner. Please submit the information below and after we've reviewed your credentials, we'll get back to you with any next steps within 72 hours.


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All CA/WA based Wholesale Channel Partners are required to have a CA/WA Sellers Permit/EIN Number to set up a wholesale account. If you are an applicant outside of CA/WA and are planning on shipping to customers in CA/WA, we will provide you the details on how the Wholesale Program works with CA/WA sales tax. 

Business Plan

Please include the key elements of your business plan including your business experience, how long your business has been open, the industry your business focuses on, why you want to be a Wholesale Channel Partner and how you plan to offer/promote our products to your customers. It's important that we understand you and your business to see how we can help your business grow.  


Note: To protect the integrity of our Wholesale Program, we do not normally allow individuals to sign up without having a business entity and the corresponding paperwork. If you do not have a business entity or a business plan but feel you have the experience and skills to be a Wholesale Channel Partner, please contact us at sales@nexisprep.com and provide additional details for us to review.  Based on this, we may set up a call to gather more information,


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