Getting your employees ready at home
Employees and the critical component of every organization and as a business leader, your obligation is to keep them safe. But in the event of an emergency or crisis: 

● Will your employees be able to return to work to 
   support business recovery efforts?
● If stuck at work during an event, will they have
  peace of mind knowing their family is OK at home?
● Do employees know what it takes to really get
We can provide resources to assist your employees to get effectively prepared at home including: 

● A company-specific landing page that allows
   employees to purchase emergency supplies at a        discount

● Customized online employee preparedness videos
   that take them through similar planning
   considerations that companies do including risk
   profiles, supply planning considerations, and home
   family drills.

● Access to our content that includes extensive
   information on preparing for many types of disasters
   specific to the employees own personal risk profile.

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