Schools & Colleges Solutions
Schools & Colleges have unique challenges specific to their environment:

      ● Do you have approaches for lockdowns as well as
         approaches with greater scope for larger disasters
         including supplies?

      ● Do you have the tools in place to effectively identify
         and mitigate on campus violence and behaviors of

      ● Are behaviors of concerned dealt with consistently
         and systematically?

      ● Do plans and supplies differentiate between students
         living on campus versus staff and students
We can provide integrated approaches to address the unique challenges of schools & colleges

      ● Plans, supply cache design and training fully integrated to your specific needs.
      ● Predictive monitoring with our Predictive Actionable Intelligence™ program
      ● Dealing with behaviors of concern with Behavioral Risk & Threat Assessment Program

      ● Crisis Management with FIRESTORM the nationally recognized leader in Crisis Management,
         Continuity Planning, Critical Decision Support, Crisis Response, Crisis Communications, Crisis
         Public Relations and Consequence Management. 

      ● Other services including Communicable Illness Plans and Workplace Violence plans.

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