Tamper Evident Water Drum Bung Cap Seal

Tamper Evident Water Drum Bung Cap Seal
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  • The water drum snap capseal has separation tears that will show tamper evidence when the capseal wings are folded up. The post will break away when wings are folded up or capseal is attempted to be removed by unthreading.
  • Snap on quick for easy installation.
  • Protects the bung from dust, debis and tampering.
  • Made from (HDPE) high density polyethylene.
  • Compatible only with Mauser drum plugs with 3/4 inch threaded center or any plastic 2 inch plug that has the threaded 3/4 inch center knock out.
  • This capseal can be used on 6 inch IBC cap that has a 2 inch plastic plug with 3/4 inch threaded knockout.
  • Color: White

Picture above shows the bung cap for purposes of how the capseal is installed. This item only includes the capseal, not the bung cap. 
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