ER Surge Response Kit - 13 Position

ER Surge Response Kit - 13 Position
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The Hospital ER Surge Response Kit™ was created to expedite and simplify the basic staffing requirements necessary to effectively handle the convergence of patients in the aftermath of a mass-casualty or WMD event, upon a fixed medical facility. The kit utilizes positions and responsibilities found in the (Hospital Incident Command System) HICS and the START (Simple Triage And Rapid Treatment) System.

This was necessary to address the unique demands placed on hospital staff when faced with lockdown, decontamination, security, triage, treatment, accountability, and mitigation issues. Fixed medical facilities are not accustomed to dealing with mass decontamination issues and patient processing. The Hospital ER Response Kit™ will help accomplish these challenges and preserve the facility as a resource to the community.

Kit Contents:

  • 13 Position Vests
    • Access Control Unit Leader
    • Casualty Care Unit Leader
    • Crowd Control Unit Leader
    • Treatment Unit Leader
    • Immediate Treatment Manager
    • Delayed Treatment Manager
    • Minor Treatment Manager
    • Morgue Manager
    • Patient Tracking Manager
    • Patient Registration Unit Leader
    • Medical Supply Unit Leader
    • Transportation Unit Leader
    • Triage Unit Leader
  • (50) DMS All Risk™ Triage Tags with Student Manual
  •  (13) Responsibility Cards on Clip Boards
  • Work Sheets
  • (4) 15' x 20' Colored Treatment Tarps/START Compliant
  • Carrying Case

Package: 29.12" x 14.37" x 16"
Weight: 69 lbs.

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