45'' Orange Delineator w/ Refective Collars and Base

45'' Orange Delineator w/ Refective Collars and Base
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  • Traffic Delineators are perfect for guiding traffic through a hazardous area.
  • Made from 100% impact-resistant, Linear low density polyethylene material.
  • Its EZ grab handle provides portability & ease of movement.
  • UV inhibitors resist fading.
  • Each post comes with two 3” high-intensity reflective bands.
  • Bands are recessed inside post for protection.
  • The base is 100% recycled rubber and is extrememly durable.
  • Base Size: 26" x 3"
  • Post is NCHRP-350 Certified and stands 45” high.
  • Great in combination with Caution Tape to mark off dangerous and unsafe areas.
  • A necessity for corporate emergency drills and traffic management.
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