Premium ''First Alert'' Public Alert Radio

Premium ''First Alert'' Public Alert Radio
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  • NOAA/EAS alert function: Radio automatically sounds an alerting siren tone and flashes the appropriate LED color when a weather or civil emergency broadcast is received from NOAA (Weather Band) or EAS (AM and FM bands).
  • Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.): This allows you to store up to 20 different location codes in memory. Each code identifies a specific area, such as a county, defined by NOAA and EAS. Setting the S.A.M.E. location helps reduce unnecessary alerts.
  • Alphanumeric display: LCD panel displays NOAA weather band, AM and FM frequencies, time, programming information, and alert/status descriptions. When radio is powered by the ac adapter or a 12Vdc source, the display is continuously backlit.
  • Nonvolatile memory: Radio programming data is stored in nonvolatile memory that will not lose settings even when both ac and battery power are lost.
  • Remote alert jack (3.5 mm): Provides a contact closure to activate special-need external accessory devices such as strobe lights, pillow vibrators, and remote sirens for the handicapped (handicapped accessories are not included).
  • Alert audio out jack (6.2 mm, mono): Allows connection of the siren and audio signals to a public address system with amplifier and unamplified external speaker. The Volume knob controls the audio output level.
  • External antenna (F connector): Allows you to connect an optional external antenna (not included) for weather band only to improve reception in fringe or low-reception areas such as a shelter.
  • Rear panel power jack: Connects to included 9Vac wall adapter or 12Vdc car accessory adapter (not included).
  • Battery backup: Radio will operate on five AA non-rechargeable alkaline or rechargeable NiCad or NiMH batteries. Alkaline batteries provide up to 24 hours of operation, while NiCad or NiMH batteries provide 8 to 15 hours.
  • Atomic clock: Radio monitors the WWVB 60kHz time signal broadcast from the U.S. atomic clock operated by NIST in Colorado and updates the clock accordingly. Time zone can be set for Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific. Automatic DST changes can be disabled if you live in Arizona or parts of Indiana.  

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