ICS for Schools, Colleges & Universities Manual 64-Pages

ICS for Schools, Colleges & Universities Manual 64-Pages
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Each year, natural disasters, health-related incidents and human crises impact and affect institutions of higher education. This guide clearly communicates how campus stake holders can be prepared to effectively respond to reduce risk and maintain safety.
  • Based on FEMA's ICS 100 for Higher Education course.
  • Unified Command Structure applied to campus protest.
  • Provides NIMS/ICS campus preparedness assessment.
  • 64 Pages
Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction
  2. ICS features
  3. Incident command
  4. General staff
  5. Operations section
  6. Planning section
  7. Logistics section
  8. Finance section
  9. Unspecified command
  10. ICS chart
  11. Making ICS work
  12. Resources

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