Hurricane Preparedness Manual 24-Pages

Hurricane Preparedness Manual 24-Pages
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Developed for everyone living in a hurricane zone, this guide offers action-based plans to prepare for the hurricane season. Create a plan; assemble an emergency kit; protect your home; and stay informed! Includes additional tips for:

  • Kids; people with special needs; pets
  • Evacuating and sheltering-in-place
  • Fire-related hazards242 Pages
Table of Contents:
  1. Introduction: Know The Basics
  2. Your Family Disaster Plan
  3. Your Kids
  4. Your Pets
  5. Your Emergency Kit
  6. Your Home
  7. Your Evacuation Plan
  8. Special Needs and Situations
  9. Fire-Related Hazards
  10. Helpful Resources
  11. Your Action Plan
  12. How to Shelter-in-Place
  13. Action Plan

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