C.E.R.T. Canopy Sidewall (Door Panel)

C.E.R.T. Canopy Sidewall (Door Panel)
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  • For use with the CERT Quick Shelter Canopy!
  • Setup a completely enclosed shelter.
  • The modular design allows you to add walls to as many sides of the shelter as you need and use them along with our half wall and door panels.
  • Full wall and door panels connect with zippers and are secured to the frame and top with Velcro.
  • Doors are fast and easy to zip open and closed and can be rolled up to remain open.
  • Made from the same durable materials as the canopy top and frame.
  • Half wall sidewall panel includes national CERT graphic.
  • Half wall sidewall panel is secured by a telescoping rod that snaps instantly into place on the CERT Quick Shelter Canopy.
  • Half wall sidewall panel measures 9' 7" W x 3' H.
  • This item only includes 1 CERT "Door Wall" Sidewall.

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This item consists only of one door panel. The picture above shows multiple items from the set.

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