C.E.R.T. MCI Tabletop Training Kit

C.E.R.T. MCI Tabletop Training Kit
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This kit is designed to simulate a disaster response utilizing table top sized mats enabling the instructor to present the scope of the response and impart understanding prior to an actual drill or event.

Kit Contents:
1     EMT3® Primary Triage 6-Bay Ribbon Bag
1     Waterproof Synthetic Triage Count Worksheets - Pack of 5
1     Triage Unit Leader Vest w/Clipboard, Pen, & Position Responsibility sheet
10   CERT Primary Triage Cards (includes START and JumpSTART algorithms)
4     1/8 Scale Treatment Tarps
            Red (immediate treatment)
            Yellow (delayed treatment)
            Green (minor treatment)
            Black (morgue)
32   Patient Victim Cards for Training
1     EMT3® START Training Video CD

Package: 32" x 19" x 14"
Weight: 25 lbs.

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