Rapid Response ICS Kit-13 Position

Rapid Response ICS Kit-13 Position
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The Rapid Response 13 Position Kit™ is the expanded version of our 8 position kit to accommodate larger incidents. This kit was created to support the efforts of first responders when challenged with the aftermath of any multi-casualty event. The kit is based on the (NIMS), National Incident Management System, and START triage protocols. These DMS kits have been tested utilizing automatic and mutual aid resources and have proven effective in reducing radio traffic, minimizing operational area confusion and reducing patient traffic lines.

  • Support the ICS Medical Division/Group Organization
  • Identifies Key Personnel
  • Supports (START) Triage Protocol
  •  Can be Used by Civilians Prior to Fire or EMS Arrival for Effective Integration
  • Provides Agency Standardization
  • Provides Individual Patient Care and Accountability
Includes the Following:
  • (50) DMS All Risk™ Triage Tags
  • (4) 15x20 Colored Treatment Tarps/START Compliant Red = Immediate, Yellow = Delayed Green = Minor, Black = Morgue
  • Carrying Case
  • (4) Clipboards
  • (12) Forms
  • (4) Mechanical Pencils
  • (4) Pens
  • (13) Position Kits Includes Vests with Responsibility Cards
    • Medical Division Group Supervisor
    • Medical Supply Coordinator
    • Patient Transportation Group Supervisor
    • Medical Communication Coordinator
    • (2) Air/Ground Ambulance Coordinator
    • Treatment Unit Leader
    • Triage Unit Leader
    • Treatment Dispatch Manager
    • Immediate Treatment Manager
    • Delayed Treatment Manager
    • Minor Treatment Manager
    • Morgue Manager

Package: 29.12" x 14.37" x 16"
Weight: 74 lbs.

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