1-Person Triage Kit Module

1-Person Triage Kit Module
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Our 1-Person Triage Kit Module is a perfect solution for any emergency responder, EMS team member or large-scale triage operation. Paired with our Triage & ICS Base Systems, they provide the individual or team member with the basics for wounded diagnosis, triage and information recording.

Kit Contents:
5     Triage Tags
1     Triage Marking Tape Red
1     Triage Marking Tape Yellow
1     Triage Marking Tape Black
1     Triage Marking Tape Green
1     EMS All-Weather Pocket Notebook
1     Sharpie Permanent Marker Fine
1     #2 Pencil
1     Content Card

Packaged in a Professional Triage Belt w/ Pouch

For detailed kit contents, see the Spec Sheet

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