Providing coordination and communication for crisis response and business recovery efforts
A crisis is defined as any situation with the potential to significantly and adversely impact the performance, business operations, or reputation of a Company, and over which normal, routine incident management offers diminished leverage in determining outcomes.
A crisis is a critical event, which, if not handled in an appropriate manner, may dramatically impact a Company's profitability, reputation, or ability to operate.
A Crisis Management Plan (CMP) enables your Company to respond, communicate, and manage crises in the most efficient and effective way possible regardless of circumstances.
A Crisis Management Plan Template is designed to provide comprehensive, practical, and structured guidance to those responsible for developing a Crisis Management Plan and other related Crisis Response documents for your Company. This plan contains a recommended structure, outline, and contents for a typical Crisis Management Plan. It also includes representative support team functions that could be called into action when the Crisis Management Team is activated.
A CMP is intended to:

      ● Document your CMP model
      ● Identify Crisis Management Team(s)
      ● Document communication protocols among groups
      ● Clarify roles and responsibilities
      ● Determine appropriate decision making authority and responsibilities at the local &
         corporate levels.

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