Enterprise Risk Management for Pandemic and other Global Health Threats
Organizations must thoroughly examine their human resource management practices and policies to address the long timeline of a pandemic or other global health threat. Issues such as screening, monitoring, leave, absenteeism and other human resources matters are critical and have strategic implications. In making plans, employers will confront many federal, state and local regulatory challenges. Clearly, pandemic planning is a critical governance issue for senior management.
Nexis Preparedness Systems and Firestorm’s Communicable Illness/Pandemic Plan addresses a myriad of concerns organizations face in the event of a communicable illness outbreak. Using a comprehensive model of human resources policies and procedures necessary for pandemic preparedness, Firestorm crafts an individual plan for each client. In preparing each plan, Firestorm:

      ● Conducts a benchmark/gap analysis of existing plans, documents, policies and procedures;
      ● Identifies plan activation triggers and monitoring plans; and
      ● Develops and conducts training and testing procedures.
      ● Design supply solutions to support internal mitigation procedures.
Clients can activate contingency staffing scenarios designed specifically for them to address staffing challenges caused by a communicable illness/pandemic.
Clients also receive crucial updates on any emergent pandemic threats. Guided by public health authorities on its Expert Council, including two former U.S. Surgeons General, Firestorm tracks communicable disease threats and alerts clients when the threat escalates from possible to imminent. With this early warning, clients can set in motion staffing scenarios that minimize disruptions to operations and ensures post-pandemic viability. 

“Nexis Preparedness Systems together with Firestorm
empowers people to manage risk and crisis”

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