Aligned Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Planning Disaster due diligence requires that organizations identify risks and exposures, and man-age them responsibly. A Nexis Preparedness Systems / Firestorm vulnerability analysis and business continuity plan empowers you to mitigate the impacts of any crisis or disaster. Nexis Preparedness Systems/Firestorm’s benchmark/gap analysis process quantifies the risks that your you face. Using document and procedure reviews, questionnaires, personal interviews, and site assessments, the process analyzes in detail potential threats from every conceivable natural and manmade disaster.
In addition, the scoping analysis identifies specific enhancements for leadership, decision processes, command and control systems, emergency response, employee procedures, communication techniques and facility upgrades. This process allows Nexis Preparedness Systems / Firestorm to increase your operational controls and efficiencies in predicting, responding, and mitigating crises. 
We spend the time to understand the specific nuances of your business and provide an overall comprehensive approach across emergency response,  business continuity plans, and training.


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