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FIRESTORM is the nationally recognized leader in Crisis Management, Continuity Planning, Critical Decision Support, Crisis Response, Crisis Communications, Crisis Public Relations and Consequence Management. 
Their PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® process  is the foundation for a next-generation suite of consulting services, tools and software to create resilient, disaster-ready organizations.
FIRST IN Emergency Response offers world-class emergency response training for businesses and corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. By developing a robust emergency
response team program, you will empower your employees so they are self-sufficient and confident when disaster strikes.
IN CASE OF CRISIS is an award-winning mobile solution that allows you to better care for the well-being of your people by offering an easy and secure way to access your emergency procedures and safety guidelines. Our all-in-one-solution includes incident reporting, push notifications, the ability to build and support multiple safety plans, and the ability to manage different use cases, groups or locations.
TipNow™ receives anonymous, real-time sms/text, voice and email tips from employees and the community to prevent and mitigate emergency situations.

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