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How Prepared is Your Business?

Did you know:
  • Only 31% of employed U.S. adults believe their workplace is proactive about emergency preparedness *
  • 76% say their workplace has not conducted emergency drills in preparation for weather-related disasters *
  • Only 43% say their workplace has an emergency response plan in place *
  • Just 19% note that their workplace has asked employees to be part of an emergency response team *
At Nexis Response, the safety of your business comes first.  We are the leaders in business emergency preparedness, protecting the physical site safety of your people and your site in the event of a crisis. From emergency planning to supply cache design/deployment to training, clients from global Fortune 500 companies to local businesses have adopted our supply and training solutions to meet their objectives.

Why Nexis Response?

  • Quality Products & Services:  We have the most comprehensive selection of quality products, services, and information to help your business prepare before an emergency strikes. 
  • Managed Supplies: We are more than just selling emergency supplies.  We help you develop your supply cache strategy and then we manage your entire emergency preparedness supply process from planning, calculation, fulfillment, monitoring, replenishment & employee preparedness and training. We make it easy for you to PREPARE!
  • Human Touch - In order to provide you with the best experience, we provide you with strategic account service support to ensure all your emergency preparedness issues are addressed.
Whether it’s an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, mudslide or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident, disaster can strike anywhere anytime so your business needs to be prepared before it happens.

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* Source: (2013 Harris Interactive Preparedness Poll)

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