Effective Response is an alignment of emergency response plans, physical preparedness, and trainings/drills with strong elements of continuous improvement.  Too often, these elements are handled independently and can lead to inefficiencies in a response where time is of the essence. 

By aligning emergency response plans to threats and vulnerabilities and further aligning a robust supply cache design and integrating deployment plans, a higher degree of effectiveness and efficiency of an emergency response can be realized- protecting employees and facilities.
Nexis Preparedness Systems best practices approach to physical preparedness has teamed with Firestorm’s PREDICT.PLAN.PERFORM.® process for a fully integrated and comprehensive approach that is unique in the industry. The Effective Response program includes:
  • Vulnerability/Risk Assessment
  • Integrated Emergency Response Program & Plans
  • Supply Cache Design
  • Deployment Plans
  • Deployment Training & Orientations
  • Emergency Response Team Training
  • Table Top & Full Functional Drills
  • Periodic Program Reviews
Let Nexis Preparedness Systems assist you with Effective Response.


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