Predictive, Actionable Intelligence
Social Media is not random; it’s targeted.
There are threats and risks you can identify before they become crises, if you listen and look. Today, initial threats or risk behaviors are shared or observed through social media. Firestorm develops predictive, actionable intelligence for clients, helping them identify targeted threats and risks before they materialize. As a result, there is time for intervention. In many cases, the risks are mitigated or eliminated. People know – and when they know, they talk. Today, people talk on social media. Words matter. Intent matters. This social conversation is a complex one. It involves the semantics of speech; it is syntax, context, and idiom. You don’t have until tomorrow.
What’s on social media today is already in your organization, now.
Intelligence Empowers Decision-Making
Predictive, Actionable Intelligence programs are vital to identifying risks and making decisions about those risks. These programs:

      ● Identify the target within the seemingly chaotic conversation universe to empower effective
        decision making when it matters most.

      ● ‘Listen’ to the complex patterns of conversation that matter to you, in a structured,
         investigative manner, where and as they occur.

      ● ‘Look’ at locations, events, persons of interest, and spheres of influence to see the impacts.
      ● Understand behaviors of concern. The application of experience in combination with the
         identified risks, threats and vulnerabilities provides predictive, actionable intelligence.
Let us help you identify threats before a crisis occurs.

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