Nexis Preparedness Systems has everything you need for Search & Rescue Supplies! From Floor Warden Kits to Professional Cribbing Blocks, we will help you prepare your business or organization with all the essentials you should have on hand after a disaster!

No matter where you live or operate your business, there is the possibility of some kind of disaster you need to prepare for. Whether it be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires, urban unrest, mudslides or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident... We Make it Easy and Simple for you to PREPARE!

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All-Weather Tactical Black Clicker PenAll-Weather Tactical Black Clicker Pen
All-Weather EMS Pocket NotebookAll-Weather EMS Pocket Notebook
Sharpie Fine Point Black Permanent MarkerSharpie Fine Point Black Permanent Marker
EVACU-AID Triage Tags 50-PackEVACU-AID Triage Tags 50-Pack
EVACU-AID Triage TagEVACU-AID Triage Tag
Triage Marking Tape 300' 4-SetTriage Marking Tape 300' 4-Set
Conterra Triage BeltConterra Triage Belt
Conterra Premium Triage BeltConterra Premium Triage Belt
Triage Marking Tape 300' RedTriage Marking Tape 300' Red
Triage Marking Tape 300' YellowTriage Marking Tape 300' Yellow
Triage Marking Tape 300' GreenTriage Marking Tape 300' Green
Triage Marking Tape 300' Black/WhiteTriage Marking Tape 300' Black/White
All Risk Triage Tags w/ Patient Wristband 50-PackAll Risk Triage Tags w/ Patient Wristband 50-Pack
All Risk Pediatric Triage Tags w/ Dual Wristband 50-PackAll Risk Pediatric Triage Tags w/ Dual Wristband 50-Pack
Triage Ribbon ''Hip Pack'' Dispenser SystemTriage Ribbon ''Hip Pack'' Dispenser System
Triage Ribbon Replacement PackTriage Ribbon Replacement Pack
Triage Patient Count Card Refill PackTriage Patient Count Card Refill Pack
Triage Area Marking Tape 4-SetTriage Area Marking Tape 4-Set
1-Person Triage Kit Module1-Person Triage Kit Module
10-Person Triage/ICS Base System10-Person Triage/ICS Base System
Advanced 10-Person Triage/ICS Base SystemAdvanced 10-Person Triage/ICS Base System
PowerFlare Battery Safety Light Triage Kit 4-SetPowerFlare Battery Safety Light Triage Kit 4-Set
PowerFlare Battery Safety Light Triage Kit 8-SetPowerFlare Battery Safety Light Triage Kit 8-Set
Heavy Duty Triage Tarps 4-SetHeavy Duty Triage Tarps 4-Set
Heavy Duty Triage Tarps 4-Set w/ Rolling BagHeavy Duty Triage Tarps 4-Set w/ Rolling Bag
Triage Treatment Area Tarps 4-SetTriage Treatment Area Tarps 4-Set
Triage Treatment Area ID Flags KitTriage Treatment Area ID Flags Kit
Flag Stand Water Weight Bag 4-PackFlag Stand Water Weight Bag 4-Pack
E-Z UP Triage Canopy System 4-SetE-Z UP Triage Canopy System 4-Set
C.E.R.T. Incident Command Vest KitC.E.R.T. Incident Command Vest Kit
C.E.R.T. MCI Tabletop Training KitC.E.R.T. MCI Tabletop Training Kit
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