Nexis Preparedness Systems has everything you need for Emergency First Aid & Trauma Supplies! From Multi Person Trauma Medical Kits to Ferno Backboards & Stretchers, we will help you prepare your business or organization with all the essentials you should have on hand after a disaster!

No matter where you live or operate your business, there is the possibility of some kind of disaster you need to prepare for. Whether it be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires, urban unrest, mudslides or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident... We Make it Easy and Simple for you to PREPARE!

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Ferno HeadHugger Disposable Head ImmobilizerFerno HeadHugger Disposable Head Immobilizer
Kemp Head & Neck ImmobilizerKemp Head & Neck Immobilizer
Kemp Scoop Stretcher Head ImmobilizerKemp Scoop Stretcher Head Immobilizer
Ferno 445 Universal Head ImmobilizerFerno 445 Universal Head Immobilizer
Ferno 449 Wizloc Cervical CollarFerno 449 Wizloc Cervical Collar
Universal Sized Cervical Collar 3" x 22"Universal Sized Cervical Collar 3" x 22"
Ferno NAJO Lite Backboard w/o PinsFerno NAJO Lite Backboard w/o Pins
Ferno NAJO Lite Backboard w/ 10 PinsFerno NAJO Lite Backboard w/ 10 Pins
Ferno NAJO RediWide Backboard w/o PinsFerno NAJO RediWide Backboard w/o Pins
Ferno NAJO RediWide Backboard w/ 10 PinsFerno NAJO RediWide Backboard w/ 10 Pins
Ferno 770 Fast Strap Restraint SystemFerno 770 Fast Strap Restraint System
1-Piece Quick Release Backboard Strap1-Piece Quick Release Backboard Strap
Velcro Backboard Strap 3-PackVelcro Backboard Strap 3-Pack
Kemp Pediactric BackboardKemp Pediactric Backboard
Paramedic Transport Blanket 54'' x 80''Paramedic Transport Blanket 54'' x 80''
Trauma Transfer SheetTrauma Transfer Sheet
Ferno K.E.D. Model 125 ImmobilizerFerno K.E.D. Model 125 Immobilizer
Ferno Model 108 Pole StretcherFerno Model 108 Pole Stretcher
Ferno Model 108-F Pole StretcherFerno Model 108-F Pole Stretcher
Ferno Model 108-A Pole Stretcher w/ FeetFerno Model 108-A Pole Stretcher w/ Feet
Ferno Model 108-AF Pole Stretcher w/ FeetFerno Model 108-AF Pole Stretcher w/ Feet
Ferno Model 12 StretcherFerno Model 12 Stretcher
Ferno Model 12-C StretcherFerno Model 12-C Stretcher
Ferno 108-D Disaster Stretcher w/ RestraintsFerno 108-D Disaster Stretcher w/ Restraints
Ferno 108-T Tactical Stretcher w/ RestraintsFerno 108-T Tactical Stretcher w/ Restraints
Ferno Model 71 Basket StretcherFerno Model 71 Basket Stretcher
Ferno EXL Scoop Stretcher w/ RestraintsFerno EXL Scoop Stretcher w/ Restraints
Ferno Model 40 Stair ChairFerno Model 40 Stair Chair
EVACU-AID Folding Stretcher 72'' x 28''EVACU-AID Folding Stretcher 72'' x 28''
Fatality Transport Body Bag WhiteFatality Transport Body Bag White
Fatality Transport Body Bag/Stretcher BlackFatality Transport Body Bag/Stretcher Black
Cot & Emergency StretcherCot & Emergency Stretcher
Sked Basic Rescue SystemSked Basic Rescue System
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