100-Person 24-Hour Premium Lockdown Kit

100-Person 24-Hour Premium Lockdown Kit
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Our Multi-Person School Lockdown Kits are perfect for every school that needs an all-in-one preparedness solution. They include the essentials a classroom needs in a disaster situation: food, water, lighting, shelter and sanitary supplies. They come in 3 different designs: Economy 24-Hour, Premium 24-Hour and Premium 72-Hour versions. Packaged in multiple 5-gallon air tight containers.

Kit Contents:
200   Emergency Drinking Water Pouches – 24 Hours @ 8.45 oz., 5-Year Shelf Life**
34     2400-Calorie Food Bars – 24 Hours @ 800 cal., 5-Year Shelf Life**
50     Emergency Mylar Blankets – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
25     Green Light Sticks – 12 hours of light in an instant**
2       Dynamo Radio & Flashlight – Crank Powered 3-LED, AM/FM Radio & Cell Phone Charger
4       2D Cell Flashlight – Good quality and durable
8       Industrial D Alkaline Batteries  – 5 year shelf life**
48     Toilet Bags – Heavy duty bags w/ ties
48     Bio Blue Toilet Deodorizer – Quickly neutralizes odors while leaving a pleasant smell
7       Wrapped Toilet Paper Roll – For maintaining sanitary conditions
400   Sanitary Cleansing Wipes – For maintaining sanitary conditions*
7       Toilet Seat – Snaps on in an instant to create a portable toilet
7       Privacy Tarp – Creates a private area for sanitation
4       Safety Whistle – Blow loud for immediate rescue attention
100   Nuisance Dust Masks – Prevents dust and germ inhalation
2       15" Pry/Crow Bar – Pry your way through rubble
2       Industrial Duct Tape – Great for various applications
4       Work Gloves – Heavy duty with leather palms
4       OSHA First Aid Kits – Comprehensive first aid kit*

Packaged in 5-Gallon Air Tight Containers

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* Items expire 2 years from the date of manufacture.
** Items expire 5 years from the date of manufacture.

The picture above is of LK-153 30-Person 24-Hour Premium Lockdown Kit and is not a true representation of this item. This kit contains the contents listed in the description area under Kit Contents.

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