HICS Command Vest Kit - 78 Position

HICS Command Vest Kit - 78 Position
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The NIMS/HICS IV Hospital Incident Command and Position Vest Kit™ supports a monumental effort by the HICS National Working Group, the National Integration Center, and the Emergency Management Institute in providing medical facilities nationwide with a truly flexible command structure that meets the requirements of the national response plan. This 78 position vest kit is perfect for large sized hospitals.

All our HICS Kits are the only kits that are shipped ready to deploy as soon as you receive them. Not just a bag of vests, every position vest is shipped with position responsibility sheets on clipboards with pens and ready to roll.

Kit Contents:

  • 78 Position Vests
    • Incident Commander
    • Public Information Officer
    • Safety Officer
    • Liaison Officer
    • Medical/Technical Specialists (listed below)
    • Biological/Infectious Disease
    • Chemical
    • Radiological
    • Clinic Administration
    • Hospital Administration
    • Legal Affairs
    • Risk Management
    • Medical Staff
    • Pediatric Care
    • Medical Ethicist
    • Operations Section Chief
    • Staging Manager
    • Personnel Staging Team
    • Vehicle Staging Team
    • Equipment/Supply Staging Team
    • Medication Staging Team
    • Medical Care Branch Director
    • Inpatient Unit
    • Outpatient Unit
    • Casualty Care Unit
    • Mental Health Unit
    • Clinical Support Services Unit
    • Patient Registration Unit
    • Infrastructure Branch Director
    • Power/Lighting Unit
    • HVAC Unit
    • Building/Grounds Damage Unit
    • Medical Gases Unit
    • Medical Devices Unit
    • Environmental Services Unit
    • Food Services Unit
    • HazMat Branch Director
    • Detection and Monitoring Unit
    • Spill Response Unit
    • Victim Decontamination Unit
    • Facility/Equip. Decontamination Unit
    • Security Branch Director
    • Access Control Unit
    • Crowd Control Unit
    • Traffic Control Unit
    • Search Unit
    • Law Enforcement Interface Unit
    • Bus. Continuity Branch Director
    • Information Technology Unit
    • Service Continuity Unit
    • Records Preservation Unit
    • Business Function Relocation Unit
    • Planning Section Chief
    • Resources Unit Leader
    • Personnel Tracking
    • Material Tracking
    • Situation Unit Leader
    • Patient Tracking
    • Bed Tracking
    • Documentation Unit Leader
    • Demobilization Unit Leader
    • Logistics Section Chief
    • Service Branch Director
    • Communications Unit
    • IT/IS Unit
    • Staff Food & Water Unit
    • Support Branch Director
    • Employee Health & Well-Being Unit
    • Family Care Unit
    • Supply Unit
    • Facilities Unit
    • Transportation Unit
    • Labor Pool & Credentialing Unit
    • Finance/Administration Section Chief
    • Time Unit Leader
    • Procurement Unit Leader
    • Compensation/Claims Unit Leader
    • Cost Unit Leader
  • Responsibility Cards for Each Position with Clipboard and Pen
  • Durable Carry Bags

Package: 87.36" x 44.25" x 48.00"
Weight: 130 lbs.

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